[LPT] Lu-Hf Garnet dating

EN | Garnet is one of the main metamorphic minerals and isotopic dating of this mineral can constrain processes such as melt extraction and peritectic garnet formation, within different geological contexts. One of the isotopic systems used is the Lu-Hf system by dissolution. Check out some quick info about this method and result examples. PT-BRContinue reading “[LPT] Lu-Hf Garnet dating”

[LPT] Raman Spectroscopy

EN | This post is about Raman Spectroscopy: Zircon structure. How does this tool work? How can it indicate damage in zircon structure? Can it be useful in my research? Follow the post and find out! PT-BR | Essa publicação é sobre Espectroscopia Raman: Estrutura do zircão. Como esta ferramenta funciona? Como ela pode indicarContinue reading “[LPT] Raman Spectroscopy”