Our Activities

Efforts in scientific communication and knowledge sharing


The PTt-talk series is one of the main PETROCHONICS efforts. We host a series of live talks on our channel in which our researchers and collaborators share their recent work and advances on a broad spectrum of subjects and expertises. Check out the 2021 and 2022 playlists.

In person events

One of our main goals is to build connections and share knowledge and there is no better way to do it than in person. PETROCHRONICS has already organized a few events, including hands-on workshops, metamorphic modelling short courses and debates.

Tuesday Field Memories

Who never went to the field and saw some very nice outcrops with rocks worth sharing? In the Tuesday Field Memories post series, we post interesting field-related content, their petrochronological features and some possible interpretations and implications.

Thin Section Thursdays

On some Thursdays, we share photomicrographs of beautiful and interesting thin sections and their minerals, textures and fabrics. In Thin Section Thursdays we also shed some light on possible explanations and how the some keys micro-features can help explain some of the petrochronological history of samples.

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