[Article] Structural Evolution of a 1.6 Ga Orogeny Related to the Final Assembly of the Supercontinent Nuna: Coupling of Episodic and Progressive Deformation

EN | In this contribution a multiscale structural and microstructural approach is applied to unravel the tectono-metamorphic history of a Proterozoic orogenic belt in NE Australia related to the 1.6 Ga assembly of the supercontinent Nuna. Three main deformation stages and associated composite fabrics were identified in the Georgetown Inlier in NE Australia. Coupling of episodic and progressive deformation is fundamental to explain the D1 stage which is associated with Nuna assembly and the overprinting D2 post-collisional extension. Progressive foliation development occurred twice in the GTI, at 1.60 (D1) and 1.55 Ga (D2). This study highlights that a multiscale and multidisciplinary approach is required to unravel the structural history of orogenic belts.

Authors: S. Volante, W. J. Collins, A. Pourteau, Z.‐X. Li, J. Li, A. R. Nordsvan
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1029/2020TC006162

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