[Article] Multiple P–T–d–t paths reveal the evolution of the final assembly of the supercontinent Nuna (1.6–1.5 Ga) in NE Australia

EN | The integration of petrochronology with metamorphic petrology and petrostructural analysis allowed to identify two discrete metamorphic and deformation stages in the Proterozoic Georgetown Inlier (NE Australia). Robust and precise Lu–Hf geochronology determined garnet growth at 1.6 Ga (M1/D1), which was supported by a similar age from in–situ monazite geochronology. Medium-P/T metamorphism (M1) during the first deformation event (D1) marked the collisional stage and is distinguished from the post-colllisional low-pressure and high-temperature event (M2/D2), dated with in-situ U–Pb in monazite at c. 1.55 Ga.

Authors: Silvia Volante, Amaury Pourteau, William J. Collins, Eleanore Blereau, Zheng-Xiang Li, Matthijs Smit, Noreen J. Evans, Adam R. Nordsvan, Chris J. Spencer, Brad J. McDonald, Jiangyu Li, Christina Günter.
DOI: 10.1111/jmg.12532

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